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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Avoid Gobbledygook

Especially when reading the proposals and technical documents I came across a lot of Gobbledygook.

Some examples from the

"The relevant modules of the project are, at the inter-governmental level, mapped onto local non-donor-driven poverty reduction and sustainable growth strategies."

"In the context of improving the legal and regulatory framework, the Member States will develop inter-agency-coordinated administrative targeted policy implementation aimed at mitigating negative effects of globalization."

It is best to make things simple and written in plain English. The plain english campain website has more info:


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Managing Data Center With Multiple Networks

In the world of mergers/acquisitions and consolidation, large application hosting companies are being formed by the merger of several small hosting providers. This leads to having a diverse networks connected & separated by multiple firewalls and DMZs.

The challenge here is to manage and standardize the whole of the data center into one consolidated view.

Possible Monitoring/management Solution Options:

1. Centralize Monitoring Solution which can see all the Assets using necessary policies on firewalls/proxy etc.,
==>Complex network management and simple administration of the management solution.
==>Additional Load on the WAN

2. Distributed Management solution on each network with a data consolidation to a central management repository
==>Management solution need to provide a data synchronization option and possible "time lag" between the view of local and central consoles.
==>Maintainability of the solution is complex but involve minimum changes on Network /Security policies.

An Ideal Data Center Management Solution product should provide ability to configure both the above options.