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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Managing Data Center With Multiple Networks

In the world of mergers/acquisitions and consolidation, large application hosting companies are being formed by the merger of several small hosting providers. This leads to having a diverse networks connected & separated by multiple firewalls and DMZs.

The challenge here is to manage and standardize the whole of the data center into one consolidated view.

Possible Monitoring/management Solution Options:

1. Centralize Monitoring Solution which can see all the Assets using necessary policies on firewalls/proxy etc.,
==>Complex network management and simple administration of the management solution.
==>Additional Load on the WAN

2. Distributed Management solution on each network with a data consolidation to a central management repository
==>Management solution need to provide a data synchronization option and possible "time lag" between the view of local and central consoles.
==>Maintainability of the solution is complex but involve minimum changes on Network /Security policies.

An Ideal Data Center Management Solution product should provide ability to configure both the above options.
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