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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

DBA 2.0

It is just over an year after the word "DBA 2.0" was coined in the 2007 open world. Just thought of writing my opinion.

DBAs are people, they use Processes & Tools. Upgrading the tools, processes and the application of the upgraded tools and processes to manage the next generation data center is truly the DBA 2.0.

In my opinion the DBA 1.0 has to continuously upgrade on the point versions and finally end up at the major upgrade DBA 2.0. A sudden upgrade to DBA 2.0 is just next to impossible.

An upgrade doesn't necessarily mean obsolescing good old processes or tools - it is only improving on the strong basics and fundamentals. So, a DBA 2.0 is still able to fall back on to the well known tool SQL*Plus and manage the database.

So, How many "DBA 2.0" are available on Market today?
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