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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Improved Application Performance Management

In April 2008 I have written this post : Application Performance Management

a. Oracle Enterprise Manager Service Level Management,
b. REUI 6.0,
c. SOA mamagement pack and
d. Diagnostic Pack for middleware the solution is available.

A corporate can now implement a completely integrated APM solution based on the above four components of Oracle Enterprise Manager.

The new capabilities of REUI 6.0 include:
a. Full capture and replay of end user sessions.
b. Ability to link the slow performing JSP to the overall configuration in SOA management pack and then jump directly into the diagnostic tool (AD4J)
c. Customizable dashboards from the collected data.

What is REUI? "Real End User Experience Insight"! and What is 6.0? The new version released on 1st December 2009.

The ACTIVE MONITORING functionality is already provided by Enterprise Manager Service Level Management pack.

We hope these new tools will truly improve the Real End User Experience of the web applications.
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