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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Enterprise Data Fabric - data grids

Enterprise Data Fabric or "in memory data grid" can improve the distributed or clustered application performance dramatically.

The Problem:
Distributed applications need to share the "application objects" across multiple processing nodes. As the application objects are not "relational" there is a need for the Object Relational Mapping (ORM) to share the application objects using a relational database.

The ORM technology involves converting the object into a set of relational (table/column) information and and turns slow.

The Solution:
Using an in-memory data grid to store the application objects on distributed multiple node cache and managing the transactions in once and only once manner.

This will dramatically improve the performance and scalability of the application.

This is also going to be a key enabler of the Private PaaS Cloud Computing in future.

IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale and Oracle Coherence are the examples of Distributed Caching Platforms that provide Enterprise Data Fabrics or in-memory data grid solutions.

Let us see how this technology shapes up the future!
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