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Friday, November 11, 2011

numbers and counters

There is some amount of hype on the 11-11-11 i.e., 11-November-2011... I see the numbers as just counters and they themselves do not make much sense unless identified with some meaningful thing.

It is 14581 days since i was born, 8495 days since i was associated with software/computers, 6240 days since i started working etc., etc., in all these counters "I" remains constant while the numbers move on...

Several other numbers, top 10s, fortune 500s etc., etc., also make some hype around from time to time; but it will be continuously replaced in the flow of the numbers.

Especially in the current era of very high importance to the numbers and counters the true importance of the "Identity" and "Intelligence" seems to have lost...

Hope the 11:11AM IST of 11-11-11 bring some common sense around in the world in general and Information Technology world in particular.....

All the best flocks! 

I would like to add one memorable item from year 2001 on this occasion.  We have completed our first "Consolidation" project a decade back and for that we got a 500 Million years old natural slate piece printed with a small message as a memento. 

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