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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Quality vs. Efficieny i.e, the efficiency trap

Efficiency improvements everywhere! people want to do more in less amount of time. to achieve that, people want technology. technologists are looking for more efficiency in the technology. In the pursuit of efficiency are we loosing quality of the products / services?

Recently there is a news about ISRO making plans to achieve 58 missions in next 5 years. The statistics state that ISRO completed first 50 missions in 20 years, next 50 in 10 years; Now the plan is to achieve next 58 in next 5 years. That means one space mission every month ( 58 is approximated to 60!) So, there is a need to execute projects more efficiently...

Generally all the businesses are in the race of Quarter on Quarter results... Each quarter the business houses wants to show better results; driving the efficiency up is one of the ways to achieve it.

Even with innovative stuff like iPhone5, it is 16% thinner and 20% lighter than its predicessor. And Apple says they have 2 million pre-orders for this phone!

Is there anything wrong with this approach? Do we need more and more efficiency and more and more projects completed in less amount of time? Of what if a phone has a slightly larger display and slightly thinner and lighter than what it was?

Seriously, the focus on the QUALITY research of what really needed to the people is clearly reducing due to the efficiency trap.

Out of 58 ISROs missions half of them would be adding more transponders and more DTH channels! With all the DTH services and channels, my children are still bored!

So, focus on quality of the products and services first. Pause, think and generate some ideas which will add value to the people then get back on to efficency that is what I think is needed at the moment.

Conclusion: Achieving a healthy balance between the Quality and Efficiency is the key for successful value generation to the client businesses. 

Anyone listening?
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