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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Science, Research, Consulting and Philosophy

It was this day 25 years back (08-08-1988) I have joined my Bachelors of Science in Computer Sciences course. The aim at that time is be become a Scientist. As the years passed, I have completed my Masters and joined in Indian Space Research Organization.

Due to various reasons, I could not register for a PhD degree nor could continue my Research career. Instead, I started doing software consulting joining TCS, the largest software services company of India. That took me to various business domains starting with Banking moving into Utilities (Gas Transportation), retail, financial services and insurance. Working as a developer, tester, modeller, designer, architect, pre-sales solution support, offshore delivery manager etc., roles gave me an experience worth of PhD.

Later it was a period of working with Oracle in the core Server Technologies division when we were working closely with the select elite customers of Enterprise Manager product who were monitoring and managing large data centers.

A later period it turned out to be philosophy. Philosophy of data, information, knowledge trying to optimize the end to end information flows using the right strategies for the life cycle of information. Efficient data capture from individual transactions. Supporting the operational requirements with the needed latency, making it available in the right format for its human and other computing systems, transforming and moving around efficiently to derive much needed long term strategic decisions etc.,

Most of my career till date has moved through the highs and lows of information technology hype cycles, peaks, waves and magic quadrants.....

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