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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Testability - A key feature

When we define quality, there are several attributes of quality are talked about - Usability, functionality, performance, maintainability, interoperability, flexibility etc., several desired abilities of the given product. In a software product the testability is also an important feature.

The "Testability" is equally important measure for a software product as well as for the testing methodology.

When the product specification was drawn up, the testability requirements need to be given sufficient importance during the analysis & design phases. The early the testing requirements are drawn the better measure of quality can be done and finally a better product can be delivered.

There will be several phases of testing unit, system, integration, scalability, performance, load, disaster recovery etc., with different environments etc., during a software development project.
If the overall effort is not co-ordinated well the final product may not completely satisfy the customer!
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