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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Technology Driven Change

Sometimes, customer want to get on to the bandwagon too quickly and want to use a new technology with a huge percieved benifit. There is no real need from a business for a change, the project involves creating a completely new technology stack involving comparitively new technology. (which may not be fully mature and undergoing a lot of instability)

It is always good to experimant with a small proof of concept, understand the impacts of new technology after thouroughly evaluating the benifits. The justification and the business case should include tangible and measurable benifts and there should be full involvement from the business in such cases.

If a programme gets approved without complete buy in from the business it suffers from lack of commitment from the business and eventuall it fails to deliver the percieved benifits.

Ideally any change should be driven by the Business -> technology. What about the new technology completely changes a specific business? That is where the evaluation of new technology carefully fronted by the technologists and business specialists called "STRATEGY" team comes for rescue. Still the change is driven by business not by the technology.

Thumb rule ----- Business Change (whatever the reason including the technology advancement ) should lead Technology Change
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