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Friday, September 21, 2007

The Unix command I like most

The UNIX shell command "who am i" is what I like most. When I type it on a shell prompt I get something like

PrasadChitta pts/57 Jul 23 21:36 (

Why is this important on a blog named techno functional consulting? Some times when on a consulting assignment one should remember this command.

A consultant should help achieve the goal of the project without any bias. Sometimes the consultants cause more confusion especially during the technology selection, vendor selection phases. There is no fixed rule that only one vendor or technology is the best suitable for a given problem ---

All the business problems are more are less similar - to over simplify - "read, insert, update or delete data from/to the storage".

There are a lot of environmental, operational, security, performance, cost, ... type of non functional considerations which will drive the selection process along with the functional requirements of a given situation. It is really difficult to get an "independent consultant".

That is where I use my favorite UNIX command "who am i" to help me play the correct role as an independent consultant when on an assignment.

Other than my consulting career, I search for the answer for the same question spiritually - that is another reason for the liking of this command.
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