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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Why this blog?

According to me CONSULTING is one art and science. There are no sub-divisions in it. Today in the IT world there are technical consultants, functional consultants, business consultants, architectural consultants and this list goes on and on....

After looking at the Information Technology in research, banking, insurance, Public utility transportation, distribution, metering, manufacturing and government sectors closely being a part of the consulting community, I want to share some of my thoughts on technology areas like c, Unix, CASE tools, Mainframe, Thick Client, Thin Client, databases, file organisations, expert systems, business intelligence, scheduling and optimization, GIS, Asset Management, Work management, ERP and Back office, CRM and front office, Field Force automation, Open Systems, Scripting, Automation, EAI, Standards, Frameworks, Compliance, 6sigma, Enterprise Architecture transformation programmes, business change management, programme management, ITIL, Systems management, benchmarking, configuration management, business intelligence, OLTP and OLAP, data mining, warehousing, ETL, OOAD, UML and Modelling, XML, SOAP, Web services and few more...
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